Summer puppies coming soon!

Summer puppies coming soon!Summer puppies coming soon!

Financial Considerations

Two Basenji's Posing on the Beach.

How Much Does a Basenji Puppy Cost?

The initial cost of a basenji puppy starts at $1500 to $2500. If you are waiting for a puppy not born yet, you can put a deposit of $1000 and pay the balance before 4 weeks of age. If the puppy you choose is already born, payment in full is accepted and your puppy stays with their Mom until at least 8 weeks of age.

Feeding Your Basenji

All of our basenji puppies are free fed quality puppy food through the first year of their life. We highly suggest all puppies stay on puppy food for their first year, then move up to adult dog food after their first birthday. We do not feed any treats that are from China, that have been radiated, or consist of unhealthy additives.


Your basenji will have both it's puppy vaccination and booster vaccination at 5  and 7 weeks of age before going to their new homes. Your puppy should get established with your veterinarian for their 12 week, 16 week, and annual vaccinations. Rabies vaccine must be done at 4 months of age, one year later,  then once every 3 years. Additionally, we suggest fecal sample tests prior to any worm medications to avoid any unnecessary treatment of worms. Basenji females typically have their first season at 6 months of age. We suggest spaying or neutering your puppy before this time. 

Emergency Vet Care

If you are concerned with budgeting for emergency veterinarian care please talk to your vet about health insurance for your basenji.