Puppies Located in California and Oregon

Puppies Located in California and Oregon

Puppies Located in California and OregonPuppies Located in California and Oregon


Please Review our Basenji Tips to Help Decide if a Basenji is Right for Your Family.

Questions to ask Yourself When Considering a New Puppy

Getting a Puppy Should be a well-Informed Decision not Based on Emotion.

In addition to our BasenjiTipsWeb download above, here are some honest questions to have with yourself when considering a new puppy.

1. Can I get a new puppy with the commitment to fostering them for  the next 12-15 years of their life?

2. Do I have the financial means to care for my puppy throughout their lifetime? Purchasing a new puppy and their lifelong care can be expensive. A new puppy needs a series of vaccinations; neuter/spay; and a health plan or savings for potential medical emergencies. Moreover, there are training classes; training equipment; housing; and fencing when outside to account for.

3. Is my home, lifestyle, and family members a good environment for a fast-growing puppy? Do I have other animals in the house with aggression problems? Do I have children with aggressive behavioral problems that can hurt a puppy? If I am getting a puppy for my child, can I assume responsibility for the puppy if my child loses interest or moves away? Can I provide a loving and stimulating environment for my puppy?

4. Can I provide a good quality of life by giving the time needed to a new puppy? Time may be our most valuable asset to a puppy. Do I have the time to take puppy training classes once per week for eight weeks? Do I have the ongoing time to socialize my growing puppy with other dogs, people, and places? Do I have the time to exercise, play, and train my puppy for a minimum of twice a day?

These questions may come as a shock for many people emotionally wanting a cute and playful puppy; however, getting honest about the lifelong commitments needed for a new puppy will hopefully help in your journey to discovering if a new puppy if right for you.

Basenji Puppy in a Toy Car.

Basenji Puppy in a Toy Car.