Summer puppies coming soon!

Summer puppies coming soon!Summer puppies coming soon!

What are you Looking for in a Basenji Puppy?

Please email answers from the questions below to help us match you with your new basenji puppy!

1. Have you had the opportunity to research and understand the needs of the basenji breed? In addition, have you read the Basenji Tips download and read the Questions to ask Yourself When Considering a New Puppy in the previous section? Or have you previously owned a basenji before?

2. Is there a preference or a "must have" in sex or color of your new basenji puppy?

3. We do not ship. Are you willing to make arrangements to pick up your new puppy at 8-10 weeks of age? What city and state do you live in?

4. Do you agree to neuter or spay your basenji pet within the first year of your puppies life?

5. If available in your area, would you consider enrolling your basenji in a puppy obedience class similar to those in Petco or Petsmart after 10 weeks of age?

6. Do you understand that basenji's are NOT hypoallergenic?

7. Sometimes unforeseen life challenges happen. If for whatever reason you can no longer care for your basenji at any point will you allow us to help home or rehome your basenji? 

Basenji Puppy, Jasmine

Basenji Puppy, Jasmine